Is Taco Mac Open On Thanksgiving?

Taco Mac is a popular restaurant known for its delicious tacos and extensive beer selection. If you’re wondering if they are open on Thanksgiving, it’s important to note that their holiday hours may vary. While some locations may choose to open their doors on Thanksgiving, it’s recommended to check with the specific Taco Mac near you for their holiday schedule. So, if you’re craving some tasty tacos on Thanksgiving, be sure to plan ahead and confirm their availability.

is taco mac open on thanksgiving

Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal: Taco Mac’s Offerings and Options

Thanksgiving is a time of celebration, family gatherings, and of course, a delicious feast. While traditional Thanksgiving meals focus on roasted turkeys, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pies, why not switch things up this year with a unique and flavorful twist? Taco Mac, a popular restaurant chain known for its mouthwatering Tex-Mex cuisine, offers an exciting alternative for your Thanksgiving meal.

At Taco Mac, you can enjoy a Thanksgiving spread with a Mexican flair. Whether you’re a die-hard taco lover or simply looking to add some spice to your holiday menu, Taco Mac’s offerings and options are sure to impress. Let’s dive into what this restaurant has in store for your Thanksgiving feast:

1. Turkey Tacos

The star of Thanksgiving is undoubtedly the turkey, and Taco Mac does not disappoint. Instead of a traditional roasted turkey, they serve succulent turkey tacos. Tender, juicy turkey meat is marinated with flavorful spices, grilled to perfection, and served in warm tortillas. Top it off with your choice of salsas, guacamole, and sour cream for a truly tantalizing taste experience.

2. Festive Sides

No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a variety of delicious sides, and Taco Mac offers a range of festive options to complement your turkey tacos. From Mexican street corn with a spicy kick to cheesy jalapeno mac and cheese, their side dishes are a burst of flavor that perfectly complement the main course.

3. Signature Cocktails

Thanksgiving is also a time for celebration, and Taco Mac ensures that you have the perfect drink to accompany your meal. Their signature cocktails are crafted with care and feature unique flavor combinations that will elevate your dining experience. Sip on a refreshing margarita or try their special Thanksgiving-inspired cocktail for a festive twist.

4. Family-Friendly Options

Taco Mac understands the importance of catering to everyone’s taste buds, including picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions. They offer a variety of family-friendly options such as quesadillas, nachos, and kid-sized tacos, ensuring that everyone in your family can enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving meal.

5. Easy Online Ordering

Planning and preparing a Thanksgiving meal can be time-consuming and stressful. Taco Mac makes it convenient for you by offering easy online ordering options. Simply browse their menu, make your selections, and have your Thanksgiving feast delivered straight to your doorstep or ready for pickup at your nearest Taco Mac location. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the company of your loved ones.

In summary, if you’re looking to spice up your Thanksgiving meal this year, Taco Mac’s offerings and options provide a unique and delicious alternative. From turkey tacos to festive sides and signature cocktails, their menu is sure to satisfy your cravings and add a Mexican twist to your holiday feast. With family-friendly options and easy online ordering, Taco Mac makes planning your Thanksgiving meal a breeze. Make this year’s Thanksgiving celebration one to remember with Taco Mac’s Tex-Mex delights.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving at Taco Mac: Special Promotions and Deals

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones, express gratitude, and indulge in a delicious feast. While traditional Thanksgiving meals are always a delight, why not switch things up this year and celebrate the holiday in a unique way? Taco Mac, a popular restaurant known for its mouthwatering tacos and mouthwatering selection of craft beers, offers special promotions and deals to make your Thanksgiving celebration even more memorable.

1. Thanksgiving-themed Tacos

At Taco Mac, you can enjoy a twist on the classic Thanksgiving meal by indulging in Thanksgiving-themed tacos. Imagine savoring a taco filled with tender, juicy turkey, cranberry salsa, and savory stuffing. These delectable creations bring together the familiar flavors of Thanksgiving in a new and exciting way. Whether you’re a fan of traditional turkey or prefer a vegetarian option, Taco Mac has a taco to satisfy every palate.

2. Craft Beer Pairings

What better way to complement your Thanksgiving meal than with a perfectly paired craft beer? Taco Mac takes pride in its extensive selection of craft beers, offering a wide range of options to suit every taste. From refreshing lagers to bold IPAs and rich stouts, you’ll find the perfect brew to enhance your dining experience. The knowledgeable staff at Taco Mac can provide recommendations on beer pairings that will elevate your Thanksgiving feast to new heights.

3. Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Taco Mac understands the importance of spending quality time with family and friends during the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s why they strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that caters to all ages. Whether you’re bringing your little ones or gathering with a large group of loved ones, Taco Mac offers a family-friendly environment where everyone can enjoy a memorable Thanksgiving celebration.

4. Special Thanksgiving Promotions and Deals

As a token of appreciation for their loyal customers, Taco Mac rolls out special promotions and deals during the Thanksgiving season. From discounted tacos and beers to exclusive offers on their popular appetizers, there are plenty of opportunities to save while enjoying a fantastic meal. Keep an eye out for their Thanksgiving promotions and make the most of your dining experience at Taco Mac.

5. Takeout and Delivery Options

If you prefer to celebrate Thanksgiving in the comfort of your own home, Taco Mac has you covered. They offer convenient takeout and delivery options, allowing you to enjoy their delicious Thanksgiving-themed tacos and craft beers wherever you choose to celebrate. Simply place your order ahead of time, and Taco Mac will ensure that your Thanksgiving meal is ready to enjoy.


Celebrating Thanksgiving at Taco Mac offers a unique and flavorful twist on the traditional holiday feast. With Thanksgiving-themed tacos, craft beer pairings, a family-friendly atmosphere, special promotions, and convenient takeout options, Taco Mac has everything you need to make this Thanksgiving truly special. Gather your loved ones, head to Taco Mac, and indulge in a memorable Thanksgiving celebration filled with delicious food and great company.

Taco Mac Takeout for Thanksgiving: Convenient and Delicious

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with loved ones and give thanks for all that we have. It’s a holiday filled with tradition, family, and of course, delicious food. While many people choose to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a traditional Thanksgiving feast, others prefer a more convenient and stress-free option. This is where Taco Mac takeout comes in.

Taco Mac, a popular Mexican restaurant chain known for its flavorful tacos and mouth-watering macaroni and cheese, offers a hassle-free alternative for those who want to enjoy a tasty Thanksgiving meal without the time and effort of cooking. With their diverse menu and customizable options, Taco Mac takeout is a perfect choice for a non-traditional yet satisfying Thanksgiving dinner.

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1. Variety of Options

One of the main advantages of opting for Taco Mac takeout on Thanksgiving is the wide range of options available. Whether you’re a meat lover, a vegetarian, or have specific dietary preferences, Taco Mac has something for everyone. From traditional ground beef tacos to veggie quesadillas, their menu caters to a diverse range of tastes.

2. Customizable Meals

Taco Mac also offers the flexibility of customizing your Thanksgiving meal according to your preferences. You can choose your protein, toppings, and sides to create a personalized feast that suits your taste buds. This level of customization ensures that each member of your family can enjoy their favorite flavors on this special day.

3. Time-Saving and Stress-Free

Preparing a Thanksgiving meal can be a time-consuming and stressful task. From shopping for ingredients to prepping, cooking, and cleaning up, it often takes away from the enjoyment of the holiday. By opting for Taco Mac takeout, you can skip the hours spent in the kitchen and focus on spending quality time with your loved ones.

4. No Compromise on Flavor

While convenience and time-saving are important factors, they should not come at the expense of taste. Taco Mac is known for its flavorful and bold ingredients, ensuring that you won’t have to compromise on the deliciousness of your Thanksgiving meal. Each bite will be packed with the perfect blend of spices, seasonings, and fresh ingredients.

5. Catering for Small and Large Gatherings

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, Taco Mac takeout can accommodate your needs. From individual meals to larger portions, their catering options are designed to provide a convenient solution for any size of Thanksgiving gathering. You can place your order in advance, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event planning.

In summary, Taco Mac takeout is a convenient and delicious option for Thanksgiving dinner. With their variety of options, customizable meals, time-saving benefits, and flavorful ingredients, you can enjoy a stress-free and satisfying meal with your loved ones. Whether you’re a taco enthusiast or a mac and cheese lover, Taco Mac has something to offer everyone. Consider adding a twist to your Thanksgiving traditions this year by indulging in some Taco Mac takeout.

Thanksgiving Tradition: Enjoying Taco Mac with Family and Friends

Thanksgiving is a time for gathering with loved ones, expressing gratitude, and indulging in delicious food. While many families have their own unique traditions, one emerging trend is to break away from the traditional Thanksgiving meal and opt for something different. One such alternative tradition that has gained popularity in recent years is enjoying Taco Mac with family and friends.

Taco Mac is a fusion of two beloved cuisines – Mexican tacos and classic American macaroni and cheese. This mouthwatering combination is the perfect blend of flavors and textures, making it a hit among both kids and adults. Not only does it offer a tasty twist on a classic dish, but it also brings a fun and casual element to the Thanksgiving celebration.

So, why have families started embracing Taco Mac as part of their Thanksgiving tradition? One reason is that it offers a break from the traditional turkey-centric meal. While Thanksgiving is traditionally centered around a roasted turkey, some people may not enjoy this particular dish or simply want to switch things up. Taco Mac provides a delicious and unique alternative that still feels festive and celebratory.

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Another reason families have adopted Taco Mac is its versatility. It allows for customization and personalization to suit individual preferences. Tacos can be filled with a variety of ingredients such as seasoned ground beef, shredded chicken, or vegetarian options like black beans and grilled vegetables. The macaroni and cheese can be made with different types of cheese or even spiced up with jalapenos for those who enjoy a little heat. This versatility ensures that everyone can create their own perfect Taco Mac combination.

Moreover, Taco Mac is a dish that encourages sharing and bonding. Instead of having individual plates, Taco Mac is often served family-style, with a large platter placed in the center of the table. This encourages guests to interact and create their own tacos, fostering a sense of camaraderie and connection. It provides a lively and interactive dining experience that brings family and friends closer together.

Additionally, Taco Mac is a practical choice for busy households. Thanksgiving can be a hectic time with various preparations and cooking involved. Taco Mac offers a simple and easy-to-prepare alternative that requires less time in the kitchen. This allows families to spend more quality time with each other, rather than being stuck in the kitchen all day.

Finally, Taco Mac adds a touch of excitement and novelty to Thanksgiving. It brings a modern twist to a traditional holiday, infusing it with a sense of adventure and discovery. Trying something new and different can create memorable experiences and stories to share for years to come.

In summary, Taco Mac has become a beloved Thanksgiving tradition for many families. It offers a delicious departure from the traditional meal, provides versatility and customization, encourages sharing and bonding, saves time in the kitchen, and adds an element of excitement to the holiday. So, if you’re looking to spice up your Thanksgiving celebration and create new memories with your loved ones, consider embracing the tradition of enjoying Taco Mac with family and friends.


Is Taco Mac open on Thanksgiving?

No, Taco Mac is closed on Thanksgiving. They typically observe the holiday and give their employees time off to spend with their families.

What are Taco Mac’s hours of operation?

Taco Mac’s hours of operation may vary by location. It is best to check the specific hours of the Taco Mac location nearest to you.

Does Taco Mac offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Taco Mac offers vegetarian options on their menu, such as veggie tacos, veggie burgers, and salads. They strive to provide a variety of choices to accommodate different dietary preferences.


In conclusion, if you’re wondering whether Taco Mac is open on Thanksgiving,
the answer may vary depending on the location. While some Taco Mac restaurants may be open and serving their delicious tacos, wings, and beers on Thanksgiving, others may choose to close for the holiday. It is always recommended to check with your local Taco Mac branch for their Thanksgiving hours before heading out. Whether you’re craving a tasty meal or looking for a place to celebrate with friends and family, remember to plan ahead and call ahead to verify their availability on Thanksgiving.

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