Where To Buy Caramelo Tortillas?

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where to buy caramelo tortillas

Local Grocery Stores with Caramelo Tortillas

When it comes to finding specialty food items, local grocery stores are often the best place to look. If you’re on the hunt for caramelo tortillas, these stores might just have what you’re looking for. In this section, we’ll explore some local grocery stores where you can find these delicious treats.

1. La Tienda Latina

La Tienda Latina is a popular local grocery store that specializes in Hispanic foods. They pride themselves on offering a wide variety of products from different Latin American countries. When it comes to caramelo tortillas, you can count on La Tienda Latina to have them in stock. Their friendly staff will be more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect package of caramelo tortillas.

2. El Mercado de Familia

El Mercado de Familia is another local grocery store that you should check out if you’re in search of caramelo tortillas. This family-owned market is known for its fresh produce, quality meats, and unique food items. They have a dedicated section for Hispanic foods, where you can find caramelo tortillas and other Mexican delicacies. Don’t forget to explore the rest of the store while you’re there!

3. Mercado Mexicano

If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican grocery store, Mercado Mexicano should be on your list. This local market offers a wide range of Mexican products, including caramelo tortillas. You’ll be greeted with the aroma of freshly baked tortillas as you walk through the aisles. The friendly staff will be more than happy to help you find the perfect package of caramelo tortillas for your next meal.

4. Fiesta Supermarket

Fiesta Supermarket is a well-known chain of grocery stores that focuses on providing Hispanic food products to its customers. Their extensive selection includes a variety of tortillas, including caramelo tortillas. With multiple locations in the area, you can easily find a Fiesta Supermarket near you. Head over to their bakery section to grab a pack of delicious caramelo tortillas.

5. El Pueblo Market

El Pueblo Market is a neighborhood grocery store that caters to the local community’s needs. They offer a range of Hispanic food products, including caramelo tortillas. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets them apart from other stores. Make sure to visit El Pueblo Market and explore their diverse selection of caramelo tortillas and other Mexican treats.

In summary, if you’re craving caramelo tortillas, local grocery stores are your best bet. Stores like La Tienda Latina, El Mercado de Familia, Mercado Mexicano, Fiesta Supermarket, and El Pueblo Market are known for their wide selection of Hispanic food products, including caramelo tortillas. So, head over to these stores and indulge in the deliciousness of caramelo tortillas!

Specialty Mexican Food Stores that Sell Caramelo Tortillas

When it comes to Mexican cuisine, tortillas are a staple food item. They are used in a variety of dishes, from tacos and enchiladas to quesadillas and fajitas. While traditional corn and flour tortillas are widely available, there is a special type of tortilla that stands out – the caramelo tortilla.

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What are Caramelo Tortillas?

Caramelo tortillas, also known as “flour tortillas de harina caramelo” or “tortillas de agua,” are a unique type of tortilla that originated in the northern regions of Mexico, particularly Sonora. These tortillas are made using a special technique that involves caramelizing the sugar and fat in the dough, resulting in a slightly sweet and flavorful tortilla.

The process of making caramelo tortillas involves combining flour, water, fat (such as lard or vegetable shortening), sugar, and salt. The dough is then rolled out and cooked on a hot comal or griddle. During the cooking process, the sugar and fat caramelize, giving the tortillas their distinct flavor and light golden color.

Why are Caramelo Tortillas Special?

Caramelo tortillas have a unique taste and texture that sets them apart from traditional tortillas. The caramelization process adds a subtle sweetness to the tortillas, making them a delightful addition to both savory and sweet dishes. They also have a slightly chewy texture, which adds another layer of enjoyment to your culinary experience.

These specialty tortillas are versatile and can be used in a variety of dishes. They are particularly well-suited for desserts, such as sweet quesadillas, where their sweet flavor pairs perfectly with ingredients like chocolate, fruit, and caramel.

Where to Find Caramelo Tortillas?

If you’re looking to incorporate caramelo tortillas into your cooking, you may be wondering where to find them. While they may not be as readily available as traditional tortillas, there are specialty Mexican food stores that carry caramelo tortillas.

These stores focus on providing a wide range of authentic Mexican ingredients, including specialty items like caramelo tortillas. They often source these unique tortillas directly from producers who specialize in making them, ensuring their authenticity and quality.

It’s always a good idea to check the availability of caramelo tortillas in your local Mexican food stores. If they don’t have them in stock, you can also consider searching online. Many specialty Mexican food stores offer online ordering and delivery services, making it convenient to get your hands on these delicious tortillas.

When purchasing caramelo tortillas, make sure to read reviews and choose a reputable store that values authenticity and quality. This way, you can enjoy the true flavors of Mexico and elevate your culinary creations with these unique tortillas.

In Summary

Caramelo tortillas are a special type of tortilla known for their slightly sweet flavor and distinctive texture. While they may not be as common as traditional tortillas, you can find them in specialty Mexican food stores. These stores offer authentic Mexican ingredients, including caramelo tortillas, sourced from specialized producers. Consider checking your local Mexican food store or exploring online options to get your hands on these delicious tortillas and take your Mexican cuisine to the next level.

Farmers markets or food fairs that offer caramelo tortillas

Caramelo tortillas have become a popular and delicious treat for food enthusiasts. These tortillas, also known as caramelized tortillas, are a delightful twist on the traditional tortilla. They are made by sprinkling sugar on a tortilla and then heating it until the sugar caramelizes, creating a sweet and crispy texture. Caramelo tortillas can be enjoyed on their own or used as a base for various desserts and snacks.

If you’re looking to experience the mouthwatering goodness of caramelo tortillas, farmers markets and food fairs are great places to start. These events often showcase a wide variety of culinary delights, ranging from fresh produce to artisanal food products. Many vendors at farmers markets and food fairs have recognized the growing demand for caramelo tortillas and have started offering them as a specialty item.

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At farmers markets, you can find vendors who specialize in Mexican cuisine and traditional foods. These vendors may have a dedicated booth where they prepare and sell caramelo tortillas. The process of making caramelo tortillas is usually done right in front of your eyes, adding to the sensory experience and allowing you to witness the transformation from a regular tortilla to a caramelized delight. Farmers markets often pride themselves on promoting local and organic products, so you can expect the caramelo tortillas to be made with high-quality ingredients.

Food fairs, on the other hand, are larger-scale events that bring together a diverse range of food vendors. These fairs attract a wider audience and offer a plethora of culinary options. Caramelo tortillas are often featured as one of the unique and indulgent treats available at food fairs. You can expect to find not only the traditional caramelo tortillas but also inventive variations and combinations. From toppings like whipped cream and fruit to fillings like Nutella and dulce de leche, the possibilities are endless when it comes to enjoying caramelo tortillas at food fairs.

When visiting farmers markets or food fairs, it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand or check the event’s website to see if caramelo tortillas are being offered. This will ensure that you don’t miss out on the opportunity to taste this delightful treat. Additionally, it’s worth noting that farmers markets and food fairs are seasonal events, so it’s a good idea to plan your visit accordingly.

In summary, farmers markets and food fairs are fantastic places to explore and indulge in the delectable world of caramelo tortillas. These events provide a platform for vendors to showcase their culinary skills and offer unique variations of the traditional tortilla. Whether you’re a fan of sweet treats or simply looking to try something new, be sure to visit your local farmers market or attend a food fair to experience the magic of caramelo tortillas.

Homemade Caramelo Tortillas Recipes and Tips

Are you a fan of Mexican cuisine? If so, you’ve probably tasted the mouthwatering delight of caramelo tortillas. These delicious treats are a perfect combination of warm tortillas and gooey caramel, leaving your taste buds craving for more. While you can easily find caramelo tortillas at your local Mexican restaurant, why not try making them at home? In this section, we will provide you with some delectable homemade caramelo tortilla recipes and useful tips to make them a success.

Recipe #1: Classic Caramelo Tortillas

To start, you’ll need the following ingredients:

  • 6 flour tortillas
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 1/4 cup of unsalted butter

Now, let’s get cooking:

  1. Begin by melting the butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Once melted, add the sugar, water, and vanilla extract. Stir until well combined.
  2. Continue cooking the mixture for about 10-15 minutes, or until it turns a golden caramel color. Be sure to stir occasionally to prevent burning.
  3. Remove the pan from the heat and allow the caramel to cool slightly.
  4. Next, heat a separate non-stick skillet over medium heat. Place one tortilla in the skillet and spoon a generous amount of caramel onto half of the tortilla.
  5. Fold the tortilla in half to enclose the caramel, pressing gently to seal the edges.
  6. Cook the tortilla for about 1-2 minutes on each side, or until it is golden and crispy.
  7. Repeat this process with the remaining tortillas and caramel.
  8. Serve your homemade caramelo tortillas warm and enjoy the delightful combination of flavors!
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Tip: You can add a sprinkle of cinnamon or a drizzle of chocolate sauce to enhance the taste of your caramelo tortillas.

Recipe #2: Vegan Caramelo Tortillas

If you follow a vegan diet, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a delicious vegan caramelo tortilla recipe. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 6 flour tortillas (check for vegan-friendly options)
  • 1 cup of coconut sugar
  • 1/2 cup of coconut cream
  • 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Let’s whip up some vegan goodness:

  1. In a saucepan, combine the coconut sugar, coconut cream, coconut oil, and vanilla extract.
  2. Heat the mixture over medium heat, stirring constantly until it reaches a smooth consistency.
  3. Once the mixture is smooth and well combined, remove it from the heat and let it cool for a few minutes.
  4. Heat a non-stick skillet over medium heat and place a tortilla in the pan.
  5. Spoon a generous amount of the vegan caramel onto half of the tortilla, then fold the tortilla in half to seal the caramel inside.
  6. Cook the tortilla for 1-2 minutes on each side until it becomes golden and crispy.
  7. Repeat the process with the remaining tortillas and caramel.
  8. Serve your vegan caramelo tortillas warm and savor the plant-based deliciousness!

Tip: Sprinkle some sea salt over your vegan caramelo tortillas to create a delightful sweet-savory balance.

In summary, these homemade caramelo tortilla recipes allow you to recreate the delectable flavors of Mexican cuisine in the comfort of your own kitchen. Whether you prefer the classic version or follow a vegan lifestyle, these recipes offer a delicious treat for any occasion. Experiment with different toppings or fillings to personalize your caramelo tortillas and enjoy the delightful burst of flavors. So, grab your apron, gather the ingredients, and get ready to indulge in the irresistible goodness of homemade caramelo tortillas!


Where can I buy Caramelo tortillas?

You can buy Caramelo tortillas at most major grocery stores or supermarkets. They are usually located in the international or Mexican food section.

Can I buy Caramelo tortillas online?

Yes, you can buy Caramelo tortillas online on various websites such as Amazon, Walmart, or the official Caramelo website.

Are Caramelo tortillas gluten-free?

No, Caramelo tortillas are not gluten-free. They are made with wheat flour, so individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease should avoid them.


In conclusion, if you’re wondering where to buy Caramelo tortillas, you’re in luck! These delectable tortillas can be found in various places both online and offline. Many grocery stores and supermarkets carry them in their international or specialty food sections. You can also purchase them directly from Caramelo’s official website or other online retailers dedicated to Mexican cuisine. With their unique flavor and quality ingredients, Caramelo tortillas are a must-try for any food lover. So, don’t wait any longer, satisfy your cravings and add a delicious twist to your meals with Caramelo tortillas!

Remember, whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the joy of browsing through a store’s aisles, there are multiple options available for you to get your hands on Caramelo tortillas. So go ahead and explore, indulge in the taste sensation, and elevate your culinary creations with these authentic Mexican tortillas. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the rich flavors and versatility that Caramelo tortillas have to offer. Order or visit your nearest store today and enjoy the deliciousness of Caramelo tortillas!

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